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On March 15 2015, a person inside Harmondsworth IRC sent us this video filmed inside the centre. The person in the video is currently on hunger strike. 

A person we interviewed towards the start of the March 2015 hunger strike contacted us from Harmondsworth immigration removal centre when he heard his voice on the news.

On 9 March, hundreds of people went on hunger strike at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre, following protests at the centre the day before. One detainee claims that the water supply was closed on the G wing as a "punishment" for speaking to the media about the hunger strike.

On 6 March 2015 we were sent a video covertly filmed inside IRC The Verne, an immigration removal centre in Portland, Dorset, UK. The next day people detained at the Verne alleged that guards beat a man up immediately after he had attempted suicide.

In the second week of march 2015, as hunger strikes continue across Uk Immigration detention centres, we hear from people Incarcerated at Harmondsworth IRC about the response of the authorities to the protests

After our report on the alleged assault of a detainee by guards at Campsfield House IRC on 29th Nov 2014, eyewitnesses were prevented from speaking out by Mitie. They were put in isolation, their phones were confiscated and they were moved to other centres.

Trailer for 'Working Illegally,' a documentary film about the ways in which migrant labour is exploited via border controls. raids and immigration detention in the UK.

On 29 November 2014, nearly 100 detainees went on protest inside Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre after a detainee was physically assaulted by the guards.

Secret filming has found asylum-seekers are being held in squalid conditions at Harmondsworth, Britain's biggest detention centre located next to Heathrow Airport.

Phil Miller from Corporate Watch speaking about asylum seekers working in detention centres​ in the UK. Many of these centres are run by private companies who employ detainees to do essential jobs for just £1 an hour.

On Friday 2nd May 2014, over 150 detainees went on hunger strike and staged a sit down protest in the exercise yard of Harmondsworth immigration removal centre - europe's largest detention centre, located near Heathrow airport, London.

We are making a film based on independent research from Corporate Watch, which seeks to expose the exploitation of asylum seekers by private security companies in UK. We hope to hear first hand stories from people with direct experience of working in detention centres.

On Wednesday, 7th May 2014, over 50 Detainees went on Hunger strike at Campsfield House, Immigration Removal Centre, which is located in Kidlington, near Oxford.

'Campsfield House: An Immigration Removal Centre' is an independent documentary film released in June 2014. It aims to tackle the lack of public engagement with the reality of immigration detention and to illuminate some of the human stories that exist in and around the Campsfield House in Oxfordshire.


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